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“Hello” 30 Years Ago

The macintosh personal computer was launched on January 24, 1984. Today is January 24, 2014. This means that the Macintosh is now 30 years old. That’s one old computer!

Using a program called Mini vMac, one can emulate a Macintosh Plus (3 more years till macintosh plus is 30). Of course you need a ROM image for it.
With a specially compiled Mini vMac, one can emulate all sorts of old macs even the Mac 128K (which was the first Macintosh). In this picture, I am using Mini vmac 128k with macintosh system 2.0 / Finder 1.1g in MacPaint. The picture i drew says: 30 years ago……. Hello.

Hello was used a lot in the commercials for macintosh.

Whaddaya think about 30 year old computers? Tell us In the comments!

Jelly: the app by Twitter Inc. co-founder is a must have.

Considering you’ve asked a search engine a question, then you must surely have heard of Yahoo! Answers and the such, right? You also have a Facebook or a twitter account, yes?

If so, then you’re going to love this new app by a twitter cofounder. It’s called Jelly. It’s slogan “Let’s help each other.” gives away what the app is used for. Helping one another with a focus on pictures. Here are some screenshots taken on my iPod touch 5th Generation running iOS 7.0.4.


This is the jelly app icon. It’s simple iOS 7 design is green with a simple white jellyfish illustration.

This is the app welcome screen. Follow on and it will start.

The first thing you’ll do is link up with your social network.

I chose twitter. So it will ask to use your twitter account.

It will offer you the choice to link up with the opposite network if you want.

It asks to send you push notifications. Personally I would say yes because it will let me know when someone wants help or has helped me.

After you ask your first question, you’re all set.

Of course you can invite people to use the app by SMS or email.

The email is short enough to fit on my iPod touch screen.

The text message. Even though iPod touches don’t have SMS you can still use iMessage.

Instead of taking a photo you can choose one you have taken from your library.

Now it’ll ask for access to your library.

This is the best feature I found. You can actually get images you don’t have from your library and can’t take and also do it without leaving Jelly: search on Google images for your picture!

I searched for jellyfish.

You can crop photos by pinch-to-zooming them.

You can then add your message.

No…this ain’t no Snapchat. This app lets you highlight key points by drawing on the picture!

So that’s it about the app. About the APP. Who said that was it for the POST? We’ll finish of the post by telling you about the website!

Their website, ;

Simple and minimalistic.

As if parallax in iOS 7 is enough! The website also moves when you move the device.

And last but not least: their blog. Go to it at !

So are you going to use jelly? Would it be better if you could use more than just Facebook and Twitter? Let us know by comments.

We Skipped a day :o

We’ll not technically as we posted one a few says ago about the 10th gift of 12 days…ye know.

But we MISSED a scheduled update 😦

Sorry! We will try to keep our schedule a schedule.

Note: starting about 2 posts from now, the post schedule will change from morning (up to 11:59am) to early morning (5-8am) to late afternoon (3:30-6PM)

Apple’s 12 Days of Gifts day 10 is…PEPPA PIG?!

Apple is giving you a 4-episode pack of the popular child-favoured 5-minute episode TV series Peppa Pig.

Parents are going to love this gift, I can tell you.

Thus far, apple has given us 9 videos: episode 1 of AFRICA (Kalaari), 2 music videos from the first day’s gift, Avicii’s You Make Me video, the Christmas comedy Home Alone and these.

IS Apple crazy? Or do you agree?

Here’s the first of my two screenies and this one shows the first bit of the videos app after tapping the picture representing Peppa Pig.


As you can see in this screenie is that only the first episode downloads bit the rest are in your icloud account, ready for download on demand by tapping on the cloud with a down arrow.


iOS 7.1 and iOS 8: things you may wanna see

Who knows. With iOS 7.1 and iOS 8 coming up, many features haven’t been added. Here’s the KittenKitBlog’s list of features we want to see in the next release of iOS.

1. The ability to block iMessage contacts. Some people block spammers at carrier level but they know your iMessage address so they can spam that instead.

2. Siri on iPad 2. If the iPad 2 gets the next release of iOS, they should add Siri to it. The iPhone 4S and iPad 2’s hardware are virtually identical.

3. A setting where you can switch between iOS 6 and the iOS 7 interface.

4. Two reduce motion functions. One where you can stop the zoom animation when you open an app and one where you can stop the wallpaper from moving according to the gyro.

5. An feature to add your own dynamic wallpapers. The bubble ones are getting boring.

That’s our five features to see in iOS 7.1 and iOS 8.


The iOS 7.0 home screen on an iPod touch.