iOS 7.1 and iOS 8: things you may wanna see

Who knows. With iOS 7.1 and iOS 8 coming up, many features haven’t been added. Here’s the KittenKitBlog’s list of features we want to see in the next release of iOS.

1. The ability to block iMessage contacts. Some people block spammers at carrier level but they know your iMessage address so they can spam that instead.

2. Siri on iPad 2. If the iPad 2 gets the next release of iOS, they should add Siri to it. The iPhone 4S and iPad 2’s hardware are virtually identical.

3. A setting where you can switch between iOS 6 and the iOS 7 interface.

4. Two reduce motion functions. One where you can stop the zoom animation when you open an app and one where you can stop the wallpaper from moving according to the gyro.

5. An feature to add your own dynamic wallpapers. The bubble ones are getting boring.

That’s our five features to see in iOS 7.1 and iOS 8.


The iOS 7.0 home screen on an iPod touch.


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